Chiropractic Care for Amherst, NY 

Amherst is a town in Erie County, New York. It is a vibrant suburb of the nearby city of Buffalo. The University at Buffalo’s North Campus, Daemen College, several healthcare companies, and Geico all are in the area. It is home to 130,000 people that enjoy the many bike paths, walkways, sports facilities, and other attractions in the town.

Unfortunately, every day people are suffering from back, neck, and joint pain. In fact, according to the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. The pain that people experience has been known to make it difficult to sleep, stand up for too long, carry heavy objects, and do everyday tasks. Thankfully, there are chiropractic and therapy services that can help relieve joint, neck, and back pain.

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At Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine, we provide chiropractic care services to the Amherst, NY area. People suffer from pain because of sports injuries, workplace accidents, and slip-and-fall accidents every day. Most people try to suffer through it, but it can be life-altering. The pain can prohibit you from doing common tasks and cause you to become more dependent on others. Our pain relief services help reduce the pain you may be experiencing such as neck and back pain. There are several treatment options for pain such as physical therapy, stem cell treatments, and Botox treatments. Contact us today to schedule your pain relief appointment!