Joint Medical Injections for Buffalo, NY

Joint pain is a common issue for adults across America. Doing things like playing sports, going up and down stairs, kneeling down at work, and running on hard surfaces take their toll on your joints. These activities wear down the cartilage that is between the joints that keeps bone-to-bone contact at a minimum. We usually experience joint pain in our knees, feet, and shoulders. There are several joint pain treatments to choose from including joint injections.

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Benefits of Joint Pain Injections

  • Can Treat Various Areas of Pain: These medical injections can be used in various areas of your body. They can be used to treat joint pain in your knees, shoulders, feet, and more.


  • Can Be Combined with Other Treatment Options: Injections do not treat the underlying conditions that are causing your joint pain. They only ease the symptoms. However, you can use it with treatment options that do alleviate the underlying cause such as physical therapy to strengthen muscles and increase mobility.


  • Provide Pain Relief: Joint pain can be debilitating. It can stop you from being able to enjoy time with loved ones or even doing trivial everyday tasks. Injections will help provide some cushion in your joints and ease the pain you are experiencing, allowing you to do tasks you otherwise couldn’t.


  • Aid in Diagnosis: It is not always apparent what the cause of the pain might be. If an injection successfully reduces the pain you are experiencing, the doctor will know the joint that is causing the issue. If it does not relieve pain, the doctor can continue to look for the joint causing you pain.

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Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine is a joint pain treatment center serving the Buffalo, NY community. Joint pain is experienced by most people throughout their life. Everyday activities such as playing sports, running, cleaning the house, and walking can take their toll on the cartilage in your joints. Eventually, the cartilage will be so worn down that bone-to-bone contact occurs and you will experience joint pain. The pain may be mild, but in extreme cases the pain can be debilitating. Joint medical injections are an effective, non-invasive treatment option that can reduce your joint pain. Contact us today to learn more about our joint pain injection services!