Stem Cell Injection Therapy Services for Buffalo & Amherst, NY Patients

Countless people suffer from joint pain of various degrees, from arthritis to muscle strains to torn tissues. If you are one of them, you are no stranger to how much joint pain can make simple everyday tasks a real struggle. If you’ve tried different solutions for the issue but haven’t found any to be as effective as you’d like, Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine has good news. Our facility offers a unique form of joint pain treatment that is proving to deliver impressive results. For many patients, stem cell injections are making it so joint pain isn’t something they have to just live with anymore.

Our stem cell injection therapies are available for patients in Buffalo, Amherst, and the surrounding Western New York areas. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for stem cell injections.

Joint Pain Treatment Through Stem Cell Injections

The procedure involves taking stem cells from healthy areas in the body of either the patient or a compatible donor and injecting them directly into the afflicted joints. Healing then takes place through the process of cells regenerating and growing new tissue. Stem cells work like magic, with the incredible capability of transforming into any other type of cell needed by the body. This method of joint pain treatment is a true demonstration of our bodies’ natural abilities to heal themselves. The stem cells used for this therapy must be drawn from bone marrow or fat but can rebuild anything from tendons to cartilage or bone.

To learn more about stem cell injections, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team.