Pain Counseling Services

Pain is a complex experience that can be challenging on multiple levels. In the biologic sphere of the physical body, abnormal functioning and mechanics can lead to tissue injury and pain. In the social sphere, there can be a concomitant disruption of function at work and at home with associated stress on interpersonal relationships.

Psychologically, a person in pain who is not able to function adequately may experience excessive stress, anxiety and other mood disorders. In order to address these wide ranging problems, it is beneficial to ask patients to undergo a more comprehensive evaluation that may lead to a more effective holistic approach to managing problems associated with pain. Just treating the symptom of pain is not usually good enough. Therefore, patients dealing with pain are often advised to explore some of these social and stress issues as part of a comprehensive treatment program to ensure the best possible outcome and allow patients to get their life back on track.

At Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine, we use consultants with experience in counseling to help.