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All About Inflamation



All About Inflamation

Sharon Lawrence Presents "All About Inflamation"

Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine will be offering a FREE Seminar on Monday, July 10th starting at 6:30pm.  This Free Seminar will be held at 100 College Parkway, Suite 100, Williamsville, NY.  It is open to everyone, but you must RSVP by going to www.buffspine.com and registering. 

Learn how the latest advances in diet, healthy lifestyle and nutrients can help support inflamatory response for:

 • Cardiovascular Health
• Digestive Health
• Immune System
• Inflammatory Support
• Blood Sugar Management
• Bone & Joint Health
• Mind & Energy Support

Advanced Registration Required. Register online today:

www.buffspine.com • 716-650-3101 • [email protected]

Inflammation Buffalo Spine July 10


Questions? please email to [email protected] or call 650-3101.