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Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine News



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 Buffalo Spine and Sports Physicians Receive Buffalo Spree's Top Doctors in WNY!


 We are proud to announce the physicians of Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine ( Dr. Corine Cicchetti, Dr. Michael Cicchetti and Dr.Frederick McAdam) are being acknowledged as Top Doctors in WNY by Buffalo Spree!


Buffalo Spree’s 2019 Top Doctors list is researched, rigorously screened, and provided by PRS / Professional Research Services, a nationally known research company based in Troy, Michigan.
The professionals listed herein were selected solely by their peers in a survey conducted by Professional Research Services. The professionals in this list include MDs and DOs only and were all screened and selected through the verification of licensing and review of any infractions through various applicable boards, and agencies.



cbd logo vert large homeNEW: CBD Products Available!

CBD ointments and oil are now available at Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine.  Stop by the office today and pick up a bottle! You do not have to be a patient of Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine to stop in and purchase CBD cream, oil and pain stick!



Dr Michael Cicchetti has been recognized as a 2017 & 2019 New York State Top Doctor! 














TenJet is now available for Tendon pain


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July 2018 - Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine is now offering TenJet for treatment of tendon pain.  TenJet is a non-surgical intervention designed to target and treat the source of your chronic tendon pain. This proven and effective technology, utilizes a needle-like device to deliver a controlled, supersonic stream of water that removes diseased tendon while sparing healthy tissue. Just as a power washer removes the dirt from your car without affecting the shiny finish, TenJet is specifically engineered to remove scar tissue without harming healthy tendon.

Performed under a local anesthetic, in approximately fifteen-minutes, the TenJet procedure treats the source of your tendon pain allowing you to quickly return to daily activities.

To learn more about this procedure, set up an appointment today by calling us at 716-626-0093.

Trim Tea is Here!

nutraMetrix Trim Tea is now available at Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine!

If you are looking for a simple, convenient way to help manage yhour weight, try nutraMetrix TLS Trim Tea.  This tea uses a three-pronged approach to tackle weight management, targeting satiety, appetite control and metobloic balance.  It contains ingredients that support cardiovascular health.  Just 1 cup a day can help get you on track!

To purchase Trim Tea, call 716-650-3101 and talk to Ann Marie!   Check out other supplementation available at our office as well as how to order from the physicians website.


Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Program 


Healthy Eating 

Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine believes that healthy eating can help with feeling better, looking better, decreasing pain and  living a better lifestyle.  Food can by your medicine!!!!   For information on how you can eat healthier call Ann Marie at 716-626-0093 x111  or email alandel@buffspine.com.