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Comprehensive Consultation and Physical Exam

yoga line

Prior to any manual treatment and or physical therapy, Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine conducts a comprehensive physical exam which is performed by our board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians.

     • The exam focuses on the biomechanical process and potential contributing factors
     • Over 20 years experience diagnosing complex musculoskeletal problems.

My doctor became my advocate in working to find out exactly what was wrong and what I needed to get better.     ~ Brooke, patient

The PM&R non-surgical, integrated model of care:

     • Incorporates non-invasive diagnostic and treatment tools to diminish pain and improve function
     • Involves a coordinated treatment plan that focuses on restoring patient’s function
     • Includes clinical observations of patient’s movement to fully develop individualized therapies
     • Integrates patient education and recommended exercises
     • Utilizes electrodiagnostics and ultrasound to more accurately diagnose injury/condition