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About Us

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The Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine team consists of dedicated physiciansphysician assistantsphysical therapistschiropractor, and a professional support staff who work collaboratively in making it one of the largest physical medicine and rehabilitation practice in Western New York. Our expert clinicians help patients understand their condition and the treatment options necessary to achieve their goals and take back their lifestyles.

Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine enables you to “take back your lifestyle” with various services that meet your specific needs such as a comprehensive exam, physical therapy, diagnostic testing and pain alleviating injections including Botox injections for pain/spasticity/migraines.  The vast majority of our injections are image-guided via sonogram or fluoroscopy for better results. 

What We Treat

 Treatment areas include: back, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, pelvis, knees, ankles and feet and more.
     • Spine injuries/conditions
     • Sports injuries
     • Occupational injuries
     • Chronic tendon pain
     • Degenerative and painful joint/muscle conditions
     • Women specific musculoskeletal conditions
     • Chronic migraine headaches
     • Spasticity/Dystonia conditions
     • Nerve entrapment syndromes 


Corine Kaufman Cicchetti, MD and patient

  • Nationally-recognized, non-surgical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) practice for all generations

  • Treatment ranges from musculoskeletal to spine injury rehabilitation

  • Commitment to shared decision-making and coordinated care

  • Emphasis on performance enhancement and functional improvement

  • Utilizes electrodiagnostic testing and ultrasound visualization

  • We place a strong emphasis on the role of the medical exam and medical history in evaluating patients, focusing on function.

  • Pain management injections performed with imaging guidance

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The health care providers at Buffalo Spine and Sports believe that all people are masters of their own destiny and are masters of their bodies. We believe that “movement is life” and “life is movement” and that through corrective movement many problems that arise in the spine and joints can be alleviated and normal motion can be restored.

Whether it is through the careful and methodical supervision of a physical therapist, healing hands of a chiropractor, or through insightful and gentle guidance of a therapeutic yoga instructor, Buffalo Spine and Sports providers aim to improve peoples’ lives and help them take back their life and lifestyle.

A caring Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine community:

Helping people ‘take back their lifestyle.’