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Introducing a new dimension to our health and wellness programs. 
The adage goes, You are what you eat.
It's time to re-evaluate what you put in your body and take the first steps to changing your lifestlye.

Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine offers  "Eating Healthy for Life Programs" every Spring and Fall.   You can change how you look and feel by the foods that you eat!  Give it a try, what do you have to lose except for those unwanted pounds! 

Along with eating the right foods, we offer consultation on Supplementation.  Are you getting the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs?   Give us a call at 716-650-3101 for more information and questions about the right supplements for you.  For your convenience, we carry a wide variety of supplementation in both the Williamsville and Orchard Park offices. 

Nutrition Classes Cover:
Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine is pleased to offer Healthy Eating Classes
that will teach you how to change your lifestyle.
• How to eat clean for your health
• How to get lean and fit and have increased energy with FOOD
• How nutrition can prevent and reverse disease
• How to shop for the right foods and make recipes that are easy and healthy for you
• How to read a label – what to look for in the ingredient list
• About low-glycemic eating
• Why fad diets don't work when it comes to losing weight
• The truth about the Standard American Diet
• About processed foods, empty carbs and artificial sweeteners
• How eating healthy does not have to be complicated
     and much more!

The Free "Healthy Eating for Life" seminars are September 12th and 19th!   The 10 Week Healthy Eating Class will begin on Tuesday September 26th at 6:30pm.  You can register or call for details at 716-650-3101.   


Our health care providers are committed to helping you improve your well being
through science-based nutrition and educational support.
We will provide a customized solution for you and will help you understand:
• What nutritional supplements you should be taking?
• What supplements are best for certain conditions such as joint pain, arthritis?
• If your current supplements are interfering with your medications?
• If your supplements are the best quality?

You can now order your supplements online or call Ann Marie for assistance at 716-650-3101.

If you are a Patient of Dr. Corine or Michael Cicchetti, Please click HERE to order your supplements online.

If You are a Patient of Dr. McAdam, please click HERE to order your supplements online. 

Educational Resources:
Drugs that gobble up Vitamins

Being successful in implementing the appropriate changes to my diet for sustained weight loss results was always challenging for me. In the past I tried counting calories, counting points with weight watchers, and cutting carbohydrates with the South Beach diet. I lost weight temporarily with these methods but constantly felt hungry and low on energy. I longed for good tasting and satisfying food. 
I decided "diets" were not for me. I was willing to settle for "good enough". 
Between my work schedule and time with my family I was too tired to attempt to go to the gym and the thought of spending more time cooking or prepping for healthier meals sounded exhausting. When Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine decided they were going to start offering a nutrition program to  provide education on how to improve one's health through proper nutrition I was a bit skeptical but intrigued. 
I knew it was something I had to experience first hand in order to learn how it was different from other things I had tried in the past. I participated in the full 12 week program. The program was an extremely positive experience for me. I have had incredible results. I lost 15lbs and went down 2 pant sizes during the 12 week program. 
I feel great and have continued the healthy changes, losing another 5lbs and drop another pant size since officially completing the program. My energy level has increased and I have been motivated to workout on a more regular basis. My family and friends have been shocked by the results and all want to know my secret. 
Proper nutrition can help you look and feel great. It also helps to treat and prevent diseases including hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. I recommend anyone who wants to improve his or her health to consider participating in this wonderful program. I hope it changes your life for the better as it has for me!
-Dr. J. Joki

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